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Summer Camp Health Concerns

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Ensuring that we remain a place “where all boys have fun!”

St. Michael’s Summer Camp “Where All Boys Have Fun!” ® is dedicated to maintaining a healthy, safe environment for the boys attending our camp. Besides having many of our seminarian counselors certified in Red Cross First Aid, a camp nurse is available every evening, Monday through Friday, to provide on-site medical assistance. Our camp nurses are an invaluable part of our camping program, and they help to ensure that we remain a place “where all boys have fun!”®

Over the past few years, a variety of medical concerns have arisen that need to be considered by parents before they submit an application to St. Michael’s Summer Camp. Even if your son has attended our camp previously, please read about these current camp health policies.

1.  Immunizations / Vaccinations

All boys must be fully up-to-date with their school vaccines in order to attend St. Michael’s Summer Camp. As part of the application process, parents are required to send us photocopies of their son’s immunization records.

Parents who choose not to immunize their sons, or who have not kept up with their son’s necessary vaccines, may alternatively turn in an Immunization Waiver (provided in the emailed camp “Acceptance Package”). This form must be signed by both the parent and a licensed California Health Care provider.

2.  Allergies / Individual Care

The staff at St. Michael’s Summer Camp tries to accommodate young men with a variety of medical needs. However, we are limited in our capabilities to assist with these medical conditions:

  • Asthma/Environmental Allergies/Nebulizers

St. Michael’s Summer Camp is primarily an outdoor camp, featuring a variety of physical activities, and campers who have asthma and allergies to pollen, ragweed, etc. will find that these conditions will be aggravated at camp. Boys with severe asthma cannot be admitted to camp at this time. Nebulizers may not be accepted into the camp.

  • Dietary Restrictions/Food Allergies

All of our food is carefully prepared by a team of faithful Rosarian Dominican religious sisters in a commercially-equipped kitchen. Due to limitations in facility size, as well as the close-quarter dining of the campers, we cannot provide for boys who have life-threatening food allergies (e.g. nuts or shellfish) or those who require special meal preparation (e.g. those restricted to strict gluten-free diets).

  • Fever

Campers who have been sick with a fever within seven days before their camping session begins may not attend camp.

  • Bee Stings

Boys who are severely allergic to bee stings may not attend camp.

  • Epipens/Other Health Conditions

As a general rule here at camp we do not admit any boy who has been prescribed an Epipen for whatever reason. We also cannot accept a boy who has a severe life-threatening health condition, such as severe asthma or serious allergies.

3.  Medications / Vitamins

The campers’ prescription medications are kept in our camp office, under the supervision of the camp director. All prescription medications must be checked-in with the camp nurse at the beginning of camp. All prescription medications must:

a) Have the boy’s name and specific dosage on the medication;
b) Be within date. Expired medications cannot be administered at camp;
c) Have an accompanying Physician’s Form (part of the St. Michael’s Acceptance Package) signed by a doctor.

Please do not bring multi-vitamins to camp. We maintain a supply of over-the-counter medications should the need arise.

Camp Registration

By registering for St. Michael’s Summer Camp, you are acknowledging that you have read the health policies and understand them.