New Abbey

As members of one of the ancient orders in the Roman Catholic Church, the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey fill needs that would otherwise be left unmet—locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The abbey offers the Catholic faithful and broader community a commitment to education, a dedication to service, a serene and inspirational retreat and gathering space, a world-class scholarly collection of historical materials, an appreciation of art, music, and literature; a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the rural beauty of the eastern Orange County canyons, and so much more.

The current abbey campus, however, has reached the end of its effective functionality. The need for a new abbey is real and urgent. While the current abbey limits the ability of the Norbertine Fathers to advance their mission, the new abbey holds the promise to meet and enhance the Order’s impact, which is primarily the adoration of God and the passing on of the fruits of that worship to others. The new abbey will enable the community to accept additional seminarians, to increase the size of the preparatory school, to host and lead retreats, to provide adult educational opportunities, to become a hub in the region for music, history, culture, art, and literature; to offer a place of peace and tranquility for the faithful to rest and draw closer to God, and to serve as a spiritual oasis for Orange County and beyond.

The future of the abbey can be witnessed nestled among several hundred acres of majestic land at 27977 Silverado Canyon Road, Silverado, CA 92676. For more information about the new abbey, or to schedule a tour of the site, please contact, or call (949) 546-0694.

Change Plan Approval Documents (12/2014)

St. Michael’s Abbey Shares Approved Changed Plan with Community
County Staff Report Approval
Approved Site Plan

Grading Documents

June Community Update: Grading Commences
Grading FAQ
Letter to SMRPD Announcing Grading Permit
Approved Preliminary Grading Plan and Erosion Control Plan

On-Site Activity Updates

February Community Update: On-Site Vegetation Scrubbing and Tree Stumping Activity
Biologist Memorandum Regarding On-Site Tree Stumping Activity

Change Plan Approval Documents (11/2013)

St. Michael’s Abbey Shares Approved Plan Changes with Community
County Staff Report Approval
Approved Landscape Plan

2012 Application Documents

Application Cover Letter
Letter of Project Proposal
EIR Basics (Created by St. Michael’s Abbey)
EIR Summary (Created by St. Michael’s Abbey)
County Project Close-Out Letter